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Are you still running your business on the stagnant Activiti BPM platform? If so, Summit58 and Counterpoint Consulting can help you quickly and easily upgrade to Flowable, the next generation in open-source process automation.

Forked from Activiti, Flowable is bringing new and exciting features to the rock-solid open-source workflow codebase that started a revolution in the workflow world. Upgrading to Flowable Core will allow your enterprise to benefit from Flowable’s ongoing innovations, including:

  • Full support for unstructured processes based on the Case Management Model and Notation standard (version 1.1).

  • Expanded, modern support for business processes and rules based on the BPMN 2.0 and DMN 1.1 standards.

  • An Event Registry that integrates Flowable with the messaging / streaming systems that you’re already using in your enterprise, such as Kafka or RabbitMQ.

  • Elimination of the process virtual machine, significantly improving process execution performance.

  • Significantly improved Job Executor (the Async Executor), increasing Job Executor performance.

  • Support for the use of distributed SQL and CockroachDB, making Flowable and its back-end relational database cloud native.

You can migrate to Flowable Core, which is Flowable's FOSS (Free/Open-Source Software) product offering, or you can migrate directly to Flowable Enterprise and enjoy additional features, including the following tools, which each offer unique features and capabilities in the open-source BPM segment:

  • Flowable Work, which offers advanced user-interface capabilities, such as those offered by Appian and Pegasystems PRPC, to the open-source BPM community, as well as introducing a revolutionary, optional Slack-style interface for process management.

  • Flowable Engage, which extends Flowable Work by providing for process and decision integration with WhatsApp or WeChat.

  • Flowable Design, a flexible tool that can be used for modelling processes, decisions and cases in an environment that will allow you to leverage low-code concepts where desired.

  • Flowable Inspect, the only graphical debugging and testing component for BPMN and CMMN that we're aware of in the industry. It can significantly speed up your debugging efforts and reduce your BPMN and CMMN defect rates.

Learn how a move to Flowable will help your organization - contact us today!

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