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Customer Testimonials: Healthcare & Telco

Healthcare Software Company

For just shy of two years, Summit58 has provided Flowable consulting services for this healthcare software company, which provides its customers with advanced methods for the secure transmission of PHI (Protected Health Information). We’ve helped this organization with multiple Flowable applications and are in discussions to continue to help them with additional Flowable implementation projects for their end customers here in 2023.

Testimonial Quote

“We've been working with the Summit58 team for the better part of two years. During that time, we've enjoyed working with Ryan and Carol, and they've consistently demonstrated in-depth, expert-level knowledge of the Flowable platform. We're talking to them about our next project with them already and intend to continue to leverage their assistance with Flowable projects moving forward.” – CEO

Fortune 200 Telecommunications Company

Summit58 worked with a partner consulting firm to help this Fortune 200 telecommunications company migrate from the legacy Metastorm BPM platform to Camunda BPM Community Edition (now Camunda 7 Community Edition). The project filled an urgent need for this organization, as Metastorm was nearing the end of its support from the vendor, and they wanted to move to Camunda BPM. Our team learned Metastorm on the fly and effectively reverse engineered the applications that had been deployed on Metastorm in order to build custom, replacement Camunda BPM process applications.

Testimonial Quote

“The Summit58 team – including Carol Lee, Daniel Hallmark and Ryan Johnston – played a pivotal role in delivering the Metastorm to Camunda BPM migration project over the course of their tenure working at [this organization] via [the partner consulting firm]. Ryan led a cross-functional technical team that provided business critical enhancements, resulting in a streamlined customer experience and increased operational efficiencies across enterprise systems. Summit58 is a reliable, trustworthy implementation partner that I’d highly recommend to my closest clients.” – Vice President at the partner consulting firm

NOTE: As a general policy, without joint marketing agreements, we don’t publicly disclose customer names. If you’d like more information on either of these customer use cases, please contact us at

Summit58 is an independent advisory and consulting services provider that specializes in open-source workflow. Each open-source workflow platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, characteristics that make it a better fit for some use cases than for others. If you want to engage with a company with proven expertise in open-source workflow that will help you determine and implement the right platform for your needs, please contact us at; we would love to meet you and discuss how we can assist.

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