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Summit58 Partners with Orkes as its First Reseller

Press Release

Summit58 adds to its portfolio of supported open-source workflow platforms with the first reseller agreement awarded by Orkes.

Golden, CO – November 7th, 2022 – Summit58, a software and services company specializing in open-source workflow and automation solutions, has partnered with Orkes, a hosted solutions provider for Netflix Conductor implementations, and has become its first official reseller.

Conductor was built by Orkes’ founders while at Netflix and was then open sourced, resulting in widespread adoption driven by a passionate developer community. A wide range of enterprises from Fortune 100 firms to startups depend on Conductor for mission-critical business cases. Orkes is on a mission to empower teams utilizing Conductor to build amazing applications easily without having to worry about resiliency or scale.

Open-source automation and workflow orchestration represents the foundation of the services that Summit58 provides. Therefore, becoming a reseller for the talented team at Orkes is a natural fit. “Our goal at Summit58 is to help each of our clients identify and implement the right workflow technology for their specific needs. We believe Conductor, which has been proven in numerous high-volume environments, will be an excellent choice for many of those clients.”, says Ryan Johnston, Founder and Managing Principal at Summit58.

“Our partnership with Summit58 empowers even more customers to leverage Conductor using Orkes Cloud and on-prem solutions. The exceptional services Summit 58 delivers to their customers will be amplified further by this partnership and we are excited to be a part of the journey," says Jeu George, Founder and CEO of Orkes" says Jeu George, Founder, and CEO of Orkes.

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About Summit58

Summit58 was founded as a niche provider of open-source workflow and automation solutions with the specific goal of helping its clients identify and implement the best workflow or automation technologies for their specific use cases. There are many different, excellent choices in the open-source workflow space that are suitable for any company’s on-premise, cloud or hyperautomation needs; we help our clients choose the best technology given their requirements and then help them implement their chosen software quickly and efficiently.

About Orkes

Orkes provides a cloud-based modern workflow platform so that companies can innovate faster, achieve higher uptime and reduce operational costs. Built on the battle tested Netflix Conductor orchestration platform used by companies such as Netflix, Tesla, LinkedIn, GitHub, Swiggy, JP Morgan Chase, American Express, Orkes makes it easy to build, orchestrate and scale your workflows that span microservices, serverless and monoliths and deployed across cloud or hybrid footprints.

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