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A Redis Connector for Camunda 8

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Camunda 8 is a very flexible platform. Whether you're looking to scale components of your workflow platform architecture in a modular manner, use various programming languages to execute different workflow steps or build custom connectors to easily connect to your enterprise systems, Camunda 8 offers the required flexibility.

To illustrate one area of flexibility, we built a custom Redis connector that can allow you to save some or all of your process instance variables within the open-source key-value store very easily. Here's a screen capture of the Redis connector being used in a Camunda 8 process model:

We like the ability to add custom icons to connectors, so you can visually - at a glance - see the purpose of a particular task in a process model. (You may want to zoom in to see the full process model above.)

The connector offers two fields for configuration, each of which takes either a comma or semicolon delimited list of variables. The first field - which takes precedence - allows you to specify a list of variables that you would like saved to the key-value pair (in JSON), and the second allows you to specify a list of variables that you don't want saved to the key-value pair, as shown below:

For more information about this connector, to engage us to implement your own custom connector or for more general assistance with Camunda 8, please contact us at

Summit58 is an independent advisory and consulting services provider that specializes in open-source workflow. Each open-source workflow platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, characteristics that make it a better fit for some use cases than for others. If you want to engage with a company with proven expertise in open-source workflow that will help you determine and implement the right platform for your needs, please contact us at; we would love to meet you and discuss how we can assist.

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