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Customer Testimonials: Telco & Manufacturing

Fortune 50 Telecommunications Company

Summit58 helped this Fortune 50 telecommunications company save millions of dollars by updating its legacy technical support systems to newer versions of the Java platform and by moving those systems to the cloud using both Docker and Kubernetes. Our team ranged from seven people to twelve people at its peak, and we consistently delivered on schedule despite significant project headwinds throughout.

Testimonial Quote

“We engaged the Summit58 team to help us with migrating a large number of our mission-critical, legacy, on-premise Java applications to newer versions of Java and to Docker/Kubernetes in Azure. Over the course of 14 months and with a team of more than 10 people at times, they were able to consistently deliver reliable, migrated applications for us, saving us millions of dollars in the process.” - Lead Technical Architect

Personal Recreation Products Manufacturing Company

Summit58 helped this Canadian personal recreational products manufacturing company select the best open-source workflow platform for its specific needs. Ultimately, our client settled on Flowable after an exhaustive review of its options and after the Summit58 team worked closely with them to model example processes using Flowable Modeler.

Testimonial Quotes

“In 2021, I was a consultant at a global manufacturing company based in Canada. We hired Summit58 to help us choose the right BPMN engine as well as support our developers using Flowable (the solution we chose). I highly recommend Summit58, as they took the time to sit down with us and help the developers make their first use cases and help them understand the benefits of using a BPMN engine by giving a real-life example of their products assembly line.” - Project Manager

“We had the pleasure of working with Summit58 to evaluate the Flowable BPMN engine and its capabilities in the BPMN space. Summit58 proved to be an invaluable partner in helping us define our BPMN diagrams using best practices, and their expertise and guidance were instrumental in ensuring a successful evaluation. We highly recommend Summit58 for their professionalism, technical knowledge, and commitment to delivering high-quality results.” – Data Engineer

NOTE: As a general policy, without joint marketing agreements, we don’t publicly disclose customer names. If you’d like more information on either of these customer use cases, please contact us at

Summit58 is an independent advisory and consulting services provider that specializes in open-source workflow. Each open-source workflow platform has its own strengths and weaknesses, characteristics that make it a better fit for some use cases than for others. If you want to engage with a company with proven expertise in open-source workflow that will help you determine and implement the right platform for your needs, please contact us at; we would love to meet you and discuss how we can assist.

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